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Here's how all you good people can help! I need photos of the following items. Don't worry if they seem faded, scratched or dusty. Slides (even half frame!) or prints welcome.

*Pictures of V bombers, Hastings, Lightning's, Andover, Hercules, Nimrod, Belfast, Beverley, Sea Vixen (Buccaneer? Phantoms? Gannets? Scimitars?), groups of aircraft, and any unusual aircraft. i.e. Foreign forces, civil, helicopters etc. Is the rumour that Concorde called true?
*Any aircraft that came to grief! (There were a few!)
*Visiting ships and boats, whether Royal Navy or civilian.
*People in their spare time on Gan or Hittadu, taking part in sports, pastimes, or just being silly!
*Visiting VIPs, stars, or celebrities. I would love to see the picture of all 4 major Royals on Gan at once!
*Views of Gan and Hittadu, particularly buildings, inside buildings, and objects.

Please try to ensure that the pictures, where possible, were obviously taken on Gan!
A Vulcan against a blue sky maybe a great picture, but could just have easily been taken at Coningsby!
Also, but not vitally important, could you try to "caption" them? i.e. Aircraft pictures = Reg numbers, Squadrons. People pictures = Who are they? What year where they on Gan ?
Buildings pictures = What/where are they?
You get the idea! As I say its not vital, so please don't withhold any `cos you forgot/ don't know the details!
All pictures will be carefully looked after, professionally scanned on to CD ROM, and then returned.
All photos used will of course be fully acknowledged! Please also give written permission for me to use them (or not!) for the website, and remember to send your home address with them! (A fair number don't!)
If you are able to or already have scanned the photos then e-mail them to me, or stick them on a CD-ROM and send them to me

I also need LOTS of memories, anecdotes, that sort of thing. If there is anyone who has information about Gan / Addu in WW11,`56 to `76, or post-76, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH! There is NOTHING I don't want to hear about! Official things, trivial things, anecdotes, reminiscences, silly things, rumours, etc. And please, even if you HATED the place, tell me!

Do you have any Gan Island Posts hanging around in the loft ? Then please let me know, I can scan them in lput them on the site and return them to you in a flash !!.

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