Ray Bailey - Photograph Gallery - One
[RAF Gan 1967]
[Contains 112 Photographs]
Addu Atoll Maldive Islands Aerial View from Shackleton Aerial View of the Atoll
Aerial View of the Atoll Aerial view of the Pan at Gan Another Moon up just after 6 pm Atoll Island Beach View
Beach Views Belfast coming in to land Beverly Cockpit
Beverly XL150 at Gan Beverly XL150 at Gan Britannia coming in to land Boat used to ferry Transmitter bhoys to HITADU and also used in SAR Britannia overhead Canteen, Jetty and living accommodation Cat again Ceylon Air Force Comet 4 - Brought Football Team to RAF Gan
Ceylon Air Force Comet 4 - Brought Football Team to RAF Gan Ceylon Air Force Comet 4 - Football Match against Ceylonese Air Force Dhoni Lines Police check point Dhoni Rush Hour Dhoni again Dhoni in full sail
Dhoni under full sail Dhoni supplies being loaded Dhonis at checkpoint Dhonis in full sail going home Dhonis sailing Doby boys again Drag that Sea Vixen out of the water Empty Dhonis after the rush hour
Excellent sunset Food supply ship arriving in Lagoon Football match against Ceylon AIR Force Frigate getting close Fuel supply ship Full frontal of Lightnings on Pan Gan Runway at night Gan at night
Gan on a cloudy day Royal Navy Gannet Sunset HMS Bulwark HMS Bulwark in the distance
HMS Bulwark Hastings at Gan with collapsed undercarriage. Hastings at RAF Gan Hastings belly flop Hibiscus flowers on Gan Hibiscus I think its a Meteor Refuelling at Gan I thinks its a Meteor Visiting Gan
Image of Gan from Shackleton Inside view of Aerial tower JAWS !! Jaws the return Lightning at Gan Lightning flypast
Lightning landing with Parachute Lightning line up at dusk Lightning low level flypast Lightnings being refuelled with Victors in background Lightnings with Victors in Background Line up of Lightning Aircraft Living accommodation Local Lady
Local cat on Hay Locals going home after a hard day at work Memorial plaque Monkey renowned to grab your never regions Moonrise More Doby Boys More Dhonis Naval SAR Wessex Helicopter visit
Person who had just jumped offf the jetty Plaque 2 RAF Gan 1967 Ray trying to get some shade whilst swimming RAF Gan 1966
RAF Gan 1967 Rainbow over Gan Ray Bailey and local moggy Ray Bailey in Flight Watch Commcen Ray Bailey posing Ray Bailey Ray before take off in Shackleton for a 8 hour trip across the Indian Ocean Ray in towel on Bike.

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