Letter entitled "WRAF"
Gan Island Post 13th May 1972

Dear Sir,
A suggestion was recently mooted in GIF that establishments at Gan should include posts for members of the
WRAF, and whilst I feel sure that the suggestion was made with tongue very much in cheek, it is possible that
some simple souls may be inclined to treat it seriously. As souls as simple as that are unlikely to think the matter
out in any depth, I feel it may be as well to analyze the implications to show just how impracticable the idea is.
Before any members of the WRAF arrived on the Island, it would be essential that GIP in its present form ceased
to exist, and though to me this is the greatest benefit that could accrue from the proposal, it is the one least likely to
appeal to those who would like mixed company. No doubt there is a school of thought which will say that GIP
could continue as it is, but I find it difficult to believe that even those who belong to that school would really care
for their sisters or girlfriends to be one of the WRAF contingent.
Changing the character of GIP would be a comparatively simple task; changing the character of the
accommodation on the Island would not. I would hazard a guess that those who would most welcome the addition
of WRAF company are also the most vociferous complainers about the present standard of accommodation,
but I hope that they would agree that if their living conditions are not good enough for themselves, they would be
intolerable for girls. Obviously, therefore, a major rebuilding programme would be a prerequisite for the
establishment of WRAF, so that there is no prospect of the present Gannites seeing it, at least on this tour. I
wonder if the prospect appeals as much as something which future Gannites might enjoy but we will not? There
are many other practical difficulties involved, but I will leave them for comment (if any comment is needed) to
But what of the effect on the life of the Island if higher Authority took leave of its senses and acted on the
suggestion? No longer would it be possible to stroll around the Island in the scantiest of shreddies, soaking
up the sunshine. The slides at the cinema would (if they are what I am told they are; I am no cinema-goer)
no longer be shown, and what an uproar there was when they were withdrawn after an alleged complaint
by a 'Q'. The nightlife of the Island would have to be subdued, the raucous cries of Siggie Siggie Siggie, Blank
Blank Blank! (I think that's what they say) could no longer disturb the peace. Gan would have to become
respectable, whether people liked it or not, and whilst this would upset far fewer people than I think, GIP Editors
realize it would change the character of our sun drenched tropical Island Paradise beyond recognition.
From a purely personal point of view I think Gan is, and should be, an all-male Island, and whatever its faults,
the absence of women is not one of them. Our admirable WRVS representative is an exception to prove the rule,
and is wholly welcome, but I find that in general I tend to regard all others as intruders and almost resent their
presence. Unkind and unnatural it may be, but Gan is not just an Island, it's a way of life.
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