Letter Referring to New Gun Mountings
Gan Island Post 5th May 1972

What a laugh I had when reading last week's edition of G.I.P. to see the cartoon of the 'monstrosities' being
constructed in front of Supreme Headquarters.
I think the cartoonist's idea of mounting some of Gan's 'celebrities' on these platforms was superb. I foresee a
committee being set up to decide just who is to be classified as a celebrity and who shall have the honour of
being placed on a pedestal, and most important, where the pedestals are to be sited. My imagination runs riot
here with all the 'celebrities' I can think of who could be so honoured, but I'll just name one. The last Editor of
G.I.P., I forgot his name, but surely he warrants such a high honour, that his pedestal ought to be placed at the
end of Fazil Road! But, alas, this is not to be, for I see now that the 'monstrosities' are being constructed to
mount the old gun barrels upon. These, I believe, were used in the dim past for the defence of the Island.
Ironical as it may seen, looking back now to last Christmas, the Airmen expended blood, sweat and tears in
removing these old gun barrels from the beach solely to decorate their Christmas Bars with. Then, someone,
presumably a shiny who had nothing better to do, or who wanted to make a name for himself, had the bright
idea of mounting the gun barrels in front of S.H.Q. Now I'm wondering if the Airmen who dug up these guns
from the beach, cleaned then up etc, realized that they were doing themselves a bad turn. The bad turn I refer to,
is that by giving the person the idea for mounting these guns has done them out of essential works services in their
accommodation, because surely, whilst money is being spent on daft ideas like this one, there are less funds
available for other works services, some of which, like the accommodation blocks, have apparently been
needing repair for some considerable time.

'CARLOS' P.S. Surely they have built the pedestals the wrong way round
- the guns should be facing S.H.Q
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