Editorial - Forthcoming Queen's Visit
by Jim Tait
Gan Island Post 11th March 1972

Royal Air Force Gan welcomes Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Party to Gan on the 15th
March. This beautiful island should provide a perfect setting for such a visit. If the weather is fine
(finger out Met Office) then it should be a memorable occasion for all of us.
I have once before been on a UK Station which has had a Royal visit. We worked hard for six weeks
on the arrangements, on the day the people from the Station were pushed aside as 'outsiders' moved
in to take the glory - Minister of Defence, Chief of the Air Staff, C in C, Lord Lieutenants etc etc.
The visit to Gan is entirely different there will be almost no outsiders, this is definitely a Gan celebration
and the Queen will meet a representative selection of Gan personalities. Obviously everyone can't meet
the Queen but everyone will be involved in making this a truly Gan welcome. In order to ensure that the
visit will remain a decorous and dignified affair, the police propose to mount on Tuesday evening their
secret security plan. This will include closing the Marine Bar, breaking the cinema slides and arresting
on trumped-up charges Saupe, Norrie, Wagstaff, Gregory, Aldo and Jones the Mouth. After these
reasonable precautions there should be little that can go wrong.
This is basically a visit to an RAF Station with all the formality which this implies. But it is hoped that the
Queen will have an opportunity to see something of the real personality of this unique Station. Most of
us at Gan know, that in spite of its many disadvantages, this is the best Station in the RAF. A place
where personalities blossom, where people make a real effort to be helpful and cheerful. The rest of
the RAF isn't like this - and the rest of the RAF is wrong.
If the Queen leaves Gan without finding out that this is the best place in the RAF then her visit will have
been a failure.
Jim Tait
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