by Doug Herbertson.
Gan Island Post 21st November 1964

The tropic calm of dusk on Wednesday was split asunder by the water ski boat as it screamed across the
lagoon on its trial after nearly five months lying unserviceable, At. last after many setbacks and. delays water
skiing can continue. The unpredictable and temperamental engine failed to exhaust the patience of Station
Workshops who helped carry out the main repairs and Dave, Ginge and Tony of M.C.S. who s indomitable
sense of humour carried them through the final frustrating phase to get the engine operational, despite the
jeers of the jetty fishermen.

The lads of M.C.S. needed a sense of humour. At first the boat would only go backwards . which might
be alright for the Goons with Christmas only a month away, but not for water skiing, The timing of the engine
was reset and success seemed certain. The engine came to life with a powerful roar, forward gear was
engaged and the occupants of the boat wore thrown back as the boat accelerated. Ginge, who was at the
wheel, froze with horror - the steering was reversed! He turned the wheel this way - the boat went that way.
Then the steering jammed. The boat curved towards the jaggedly exposed reef, This really excited the
spectators on the Jetty. Feet before the disaster Ginge threw the engine into reverse. After readjusting the
controls and steering, another attempt was made - a successful attempt. The boat sped swiftly away
trailing a plume of spray over the calm water of the lagoon.

On Thursday afternoon the trials continued to include skiing. It was wonderful afternoon with thrills and spills,
as the Gan water skiers churned up the lagoon for three hours. Heather Ratcliff, Gan's well known movie mogul,
captured the event on film from her vantage point in the rear seat of the speed boat. Three beginners made a
good start to their skiing careers by learning to get up within two attempts, which goes to show just how easy it is.

On Monday evening at 19.30 hours there will be a club meeting to elect a committee and decide on joining fees
and monthly subscriptions.
A training programme for beginners will also be discussed. All, personnel on Gan who are interested in learning
to water ski and those with previous experience are invited to come to the meeting. It is also hoped to show a
fifteen minute 8mm film on skiing by an expert who visited Gan last year. Looking forward to seeing you in the
Marine Bar on Monday evening.



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