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Hello boys, reply from Mr Abloh Saeed.
Abloh Saeed , June5 at 9.47am.
Re Gan airmen's scholarship?
Larry,,The medical centre does need extra equipment. But it might be better to spend say around 3000 per year for 3 years and educate 1 or 2 students, lets say in India or Malaysia. It would be called the Gan Airmen's Scholarship and will carry prestige in addition to motivating students to try and do better.
That is just as I received it Larry....NOW what do you all think ?
Tony should have a copy on his site shortly.

RAF Gan Scholarship

Hello boys I know you will have read the previous posts regards this idea, well now it is time to ask for your help in getting this idea up and running. Over the years there has been 1000s of posts on the sites i.e. best posting, loved the place, loved the people.
Well if you ever go back you will find that apart from a few buildings the only marker of the RAF presence are 2 little brass plaques on the guns outside of the old HQ, not much for 20 years of RAF presence. What we would like to do is give some sort of lasting gift in the form of a scholarship. It will be called the Gan Airmen's Scholarship and solely provided by the people that served on Gan.
In the event that we don't collect enough money, we will instead buy something for their medical centre. If it really takes off we will hold some kind of draw for one of you to go out and make the presentation [got to be worth a few quid eh].
I have today opened an account with HSBC called
Gan Scholarship Fund.
You can go to your local HSBC and make a donation or on the internet banking or send a cheque to me made out to Gan Scholarship Fund. I will leave the details at the end of this post. If possible could you give me a name and your last 3 so as to enter you in any draw we may have, try and contact any old Gan mates and tell them what we are trying to do.
Also can I thank you in advance for any or all of your donations. I will update the amount collected at regular intervals.
Thank you Larry
Account details
Sort code 40-33-20. Account Number 81466046
My address
Larry Dodds
Inver Wreigh
Northumberland. NE65 7JD...

When Taff updates this site, he will show a letter we received from the people of Gan/Fedu. We were all given a copy of this letter during our--meet the locals--evening at the reunion dinner. The letter outlines all the false promises that those islanders were given at the time of the RAF leaving GAN. They were in fact left almost destitute with the [government!!] taking everything that was of any use and of course no employment with the RAF gone. They were told they could have their island back just as they had been given it back after WWII, it never happened of course and now with tourism etc taking hold it never will. They ask in this letter if there was anyway us ex-RAF could help get them some sort of compensation for their abandonment all those years ago. I don't think that there is a snowballs chance in hell of anything being done now by the MoD or the British government. If any of you have been back or are going back, just step behind the main street of Fedu and see the squalid conditions they still live in
NOW this is the suggestion!!! We were thinking of trying to contact as many Gannites as we could, in the hope of asking for a token donation maybe 5] for to either make a donation to their hospital/school, or the favourite seems to be to provide a scholarship. You all have to understand that this would be totally provided by the ex-Gan Airmen with no official involvement by any government agency etc, after all we only did our tour there and had no say in the closure or abandonment of the Gan/Fedu people. This suggestion is of course open to discussion before anything is decided, and if any of you have any experience in organising anything of this nature, you are most welcome to become involved. Now of the 20000 or so airmen that served on Gan it's time to show yourselves. Read the letter and lets see if the ex-Gan airmen can leave something for the Gan/Fedu people to remember us by. There is something to read on Tony's site ex-gannites-raf.activeboard.com.....I am sure if we can all get together we can leave a lasting memory of the Airmen on GAN Thank you Larry

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